Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Walnut Strawberry

You’ll need:
2 inch square piece of green felt
green embroidery floss
black permanent marker
red spray paint

Years ago, I saw one of these walnut strawberries on a friend's Christmas tree and have been making them ever since. To display them on my table for craft fairs, I place them in a basket. They are the first thing that kids go for!

If you would like to remove the walnut meat, carefully squeeze the walnut with a nutcracker and pry the shell open with a nut pick. Some shells are easier to get apart then others. Paint shells with red spray paint. After the shells are dry, glue them back together (I use Aleene’s tacky glue). Randomly draw seeds all over the strawberry with a black permanent marker. Using the pattern below, cut the strawberry cap from the 2 inch square piece of green felt. Take a piece of green embroidery floss, about 7 inches long, fold it in half and knot it. Thread the loop end into a large eyed needle and pull through the center of the strawberry cap. Apply glue to the knotted side of the cap (a toothpick works great for applying glue in a thin layer). Line the knot up with the hole on the top of the berry and press in place. Let dry and you have a strawberry that will last for ever!

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