Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trash to Treasured Ornaments

I find that people are happy to give you their trash! 
You’ll be surprised where you'll find materials and how much you’ll end up with.
  • Ask someone who sews to save you their scraps. My Nana was making fleece socks, hats and mittens. Every time I visited she had a big bag of scraps waiting for me that were perfect for snowman hats and scarves.
  • Ask someone who drinks wine to save their corks for you.
  • A local restaurant or redemption center are also good sources for corks.
  • Ask your local print shop to save scrap paper. They may also have paper sample booklets they receive from paper companies that they are willing to get rid of.  These are a lot of fun and the paper comes in all textures, weights and colors.
  • When out for a walk in the woods or the beach, bring a bag to collect pine cones, shells, sea glass, driftwood, moss or twigs. Once you start looking, you’ll be happy you have something to put your findings in. 
  • Save ribbons and embellishments like pine cones and bells from gift packaging and wreaths.
  • Save and dry baby’s breath and statice from flower arrangements.
  • Dry your discarded orange and apple peels. They make great little wreaths strung on to wire and topped with a fabric scrap bow. 
  • Grow things in your garden that can be dried, okra and jalapeno peppers are two that I have success with most years.
  • Lids off frozen juice containers make nice ornaments with a little paint and ribbon.

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