Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Driftwood Santa

You'll Need:
small piece of driftwood
drill or Dremel tool
red, dark red, green, white, flesh, blue and pink paint
jute, string or cord for hanger
permanent marker

My husband and I love the Greenville, Millinocket area of Maine. Fall is a beautiful time to go and check out the foliage around Mount Katahdin. On one of our adventures we stopped at Ripogenus Dam and were walking along the shore. You should have seen all the small pieces of driftwood that had washed up! I was in heaven! The water and weather had made the wood smooth and dry, perfect for these driftwood Santas.

Drill a hold in the top of the driftwood large enough for whatever you choose for a hanger. Paint the front of the driftwood white for the beard, leave paint thin in places to let the wood show through for a rustic look. Paint the top inch and a half or so, depending on the size and shape of your piece of wood, dark red for Santa’s hat. Leaving about a half of inch between the hat and face, paint the face using flesh colored paint. Use white paint for eyes, brows, and mustache. Blue paint for eye balls and pink for cheeks and mouth. When completely dry, outline the mustache and draw nose and eye lashes of face with permanent marker. For an added touch, paint a sprig of holly on the hat using red and green paint. 

The rustic feel of these ornaments is nice and makes painting easy because it doesn’t have to be perfect. Thread your hanger material through the drilled hole, knot it and it’s done!

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